Founder, Visionary & Executive Director


laTonya_newbiopicLaTonya Davis is a wellness and health enthusiast who has combined her passion for coaching to reach minority women and their families. She has a mission to work with women to build upon the quality of their lives and thus that of their families and communities. As a result she founded The Open Nest, Inc. and currently serves as Visionary and Executive Director.


As a health promoter she has worked in the field of Public Health Education for the last 10 years. Sistah LaTonya obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child & Family Studies with a concentration in Dietetics and Nutrition, and two minors in Business & Administration and Women Studies all from Berea College in Berea, KY. Additionally, she will graduate from the Emory University Candler School of Theology Masters of Divinity program with a concentration in Religion, Health and Science on May 11, 2015. In combination with this Masters she will graduate with three certificates in: Faith and Health; Religious Education Studies; and Black Church Studies. Upon graduation Ms. Davis intends to further her education by pursing her Doctorate of Ministry with a Faith and Health focus.


Ms. Davis has made it her life’s work to create lasting changes in the lives of, to advocate for, and nurture the growth of members from various communities and walks of life. Her interests lie in examining how to tailor health interventions to the underserved and underprivileged. LaTonya has honored speaking request at numerous conferences, trainings, churches, and community programs.


Ms. Davis has a successful track record in assisting individuals with achieving optimal performance and success. Her professional background, along with sincere interest in helping others has enhanced her sensitivity to a diverse range of cultures. More specifically, LaTonya’s experiences as a Health Coach; Nutrition Educator/Personal Trainer; Behavioral Health Improvement Personal Health Counselor; Family and Consumer Sciences Agent in Training; and participation in various forms of ministry have prepared her to work with individuals with different needs. These positions involved working with students, faculty, staff, and administration from Berea College and the University of Kentucky as well as various leaders within, SCANA Corporation, South Carolina’s only Fortune 500 Company, and other faith leaders and community members. Working with these clients with different backgrounds allowed her to see that there is a need for empowerment, motivation, and education. The before and after affect in working with the clients was rewarding and has confirmed her ability to make a difference in their lives.


Beyond her education, LaTonya Davis’ personal experience with mental health both from living with a clinically diagnosed mental illness and other invisible health struggles and having connections with others with mental health diagnoses, makes her involvement in The Open Nest a sure fit.