• NOT Therapy or Treatment Discussions via blog and forum participation are not led by a mental health professional although there will be times when mental health professions will be invited to participate in group activities otherwise, we are peer-led.


  • NOT a Place to Diagnose or Substitute for Professional Care
    The Open Nest should be utilized as a supplement to your professional care, whether that care includes medication, therapy, or other treatment methods. NO one should seek to diagnose, endorse or recommend the use of any specific treatment or medication.


  • NOT a 12-Step Group The 12-step formula, although valuable, is not the basis for The Open Nest. We believe that each person’s path to wellness is uniquely his or her own. There is no one way.


  • NOT a Pity Party While acknowledging the difficulty of life with a mental illness, The Open Nest is focused on mutual aid and strategies for living the fullest lives possible. Participants continuously seek to provide hope, reassurance, and encouragement.