Safe and accepting: fostering a supportive, trustworthy, respectful, non-judgmental, and nurturing atmosphere.


Focused on self-help: Each person is the ultimate authority on what she needs and on what will work for her.


Peer-led: Facilitated by a mental health consumer (LaTonya Davis) who will blog, guide discussions, provides focus to the group, and help ensure that The Open Nest guidelines are followed.


Confidential: Open and honest communication is important to a positive group experience. The Open Nest operates on the following premise: “What we say here stays here.” No one may publicly reveal information about the people attending the group or what is said during discussions. *Exceptions to this policy are made ONLY when the safety of an individual is in danger. Participants are not required to provide personal contact information. The Open Nest never make public or sell/rent group participant lists.


Free of charge: No fee is required to participate. Optional donations are accepted to defray the operating costs of The Open Nest, Inc.